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Services PROFILE

We offer Comprehensive Estate Liquidation Services

  • Estate Sales and Liquidation Services for Personal Property, including Estate Automobiles, in the Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley, New Mexico, areas.
  • Downsizing Sales (i.e., for Seniors, or, after a Marriage for the consolidation of Households, or, the Dissolution before Retiring Abroad (as we have successfully assisted in the Downsizing of many of our Clients to do so.)
  • Comprehensive Assistance to Out-of-State Requests for the Dissolution of local Family Members' Household(s)
  • The Dissolution of a second or third Residence
  • Appraisal Services for Personal Property
  • Effective Advertising Applications including the targeting to responsive Customer Bases
  • Comprehensive pre-Sale Staging and Pricing Preparations
  • Efficient Sale Management
  • Complete End-of-Sale Accounting including Sale Documentation and prompt Rendering of Sale Proceeds
  • Swift after-Sale Clearing
  • We serve as a cooperative link with Real Estate Brokers and House Inspectors, Estate Attorneys, established House Painters & General Contractors, as well as Landscape Artists, available to assist.
  • Our entire Team at Las Cruces Estate Sales, Inc. are happy to assist you.

Estate Sales are managed by

Daniele Bernard, BBAFin., MBA, CAGA

Certified Personal Property Appraiser (Cert # 12-0717012)

Rep., Las Cruces Estate Sales, Inc.

Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services

Cell:  (575) 993-3426

Estate Car For Sale

More pics will be available soon.

2006 LEXUS LS430, 4D, 8 Cyls

84k miles, $8860 or best offer 

This Lexus has been meticulously well maintained.

Its condition is excellent on the inside, outside as well as its engine / performance. 

More pics are going to be uploaded soon!



December 13th - 15th, 2019

in Picacho Hills
6501 VISTA  DE  ORO 
DEC 13,    FRI    10 -  5
DEC 14,    SAT   10 -  2
DEC 15,    SUN   10 - 2

Hello Estate Sale Friends! You are invited.

Lots of beautiful Art by the local (watercolor) Artist Nancy Mimoso and other established national Artists.  This house offers quality Furnishings and Accessories. 

▪Beautiful framed water-color Paintings by Nancy Mimoso and other prominent Artists, already available for sale (just in time for Christmas gift giving) on our website.

Elegant and festive Minton Royal Doulton Fine Bone China with 12 place settings in the Jasmine Pattern.
* Lots of varied-subjects books, including quite a few on Art Instructions.
* Lots of colorful Quilting Fabric.
* Leather Sofa
* Fine Easy Chairs including those upholstered with blue & white Toile Fabric.
* China Cabinet by Heritage
* Heritage Dining Table (with two add'l leaves) and stately Chairs
* Tall artificial, indoor Tree.
* Elegant lady's Dresser with Mirror.
* A rustic Guest Bedroom Suite (Queen.)
* Rocking Chair.
* Side Tables.
* Washer & Dryer
* Misc. Hand & Garden Tools.
* Several large Ladders & Gardening Carts.
* Outdoor Teak Lounge Chairs.
* Patio Set & lovely Garden Bench.
* BBQ Grill.
* Quite a few blue Flower Pots with Plants.
* Art Supplies, incl. a Table Easel & sturdy Outdoor Easel.
* Sewing Machine.
* Xmas decorations.
* All-Clad Cookware & Creuset
* Misc. Kitchenware & Small Kitchen Appliances.
* Sundry Costume Jewelry, Lady's Clothes, Shoes & Accessories.

Offered for Sale now and available on January 15th:
2006 LEXUS LS430
84k miles, 4D, 8cyls, $8860
in excellent condition including its performance!

The Framed Art is available for purchase even before the sale.  We are uploading photos below.  The List of the priced Art Pieces is as follows: 

(Some of the framed art behind glass show reflections which make them less clear to see in this format.)  

To inquire or purchase, please contact Daniele Bernard at (575) 993-3426 (text, or call)

1. Nancy Mimoso, $95.-

2. Nancy Mimoso, $85.-

3. Marilyn Hansen, Fibre Sculpture, $400.-

4. Marie Dwyer “The Village”, $400.-

5. R. Hosmer, $150.-

6. Nancy Mimoso (Two Children/Lake), $150.-

7. Nancy Mimoso, $150.-

8. Embroidered Girl with Watering Can, $45.-

9. Embroidered Lady, $35.-

10. Carolyn Bunch, Mother & Child, $800.-

11. Fred Chilton, SOLD

12. Nancy Mimoso, Flowers, $150.-

13 Nancy Mimoso, House in France, SOLD

14. Daphne Wirthlin, Bunny & Cat, SOLD

15. Katherine Lin, Stack of Cut Wood covered with Snow, $2,000.-

16. Framed Tile, Sheep, Linda Pond, $80.-

17. Nancy Mimoso, Autumn Leaves, $125.-

18. Nancy Mimoso, Garlic, $250.-

19. Marie Dwyer, Cat, $400.-

20. Nancy Mimoso, $150.-

21. Hal Akins, Sun People, Laguna Beach, 189/300, $75.-

22. Nancy Mimoso, $125.-

23. Nancy Mimoso’s Grand Daughter, $35.-

24. Joe Belt, Cowboy, Pencil, 184/500, $150

25. Nancy Mimoso, Fountain, $150.-

26. MaryBeth, 1988, Sea Lions, California, $150.-

27. Daphne Wirthlin, SOLD

28. J. Addy, Iris, $75.-

29. Nancy Mimoso, Squirrel in Plant Pot, $125.-

30. Pottery Bunnie, $25.- 

32. Nancy Mimoso, Trees, $85.-

33. Nancy Mimoso, Flowers, 30.-

34. Nancy Mimoso, Poppies (red), $175.-

35. Nancy Mimoso, Poppies (orange), $85.-

36. R. Lei, Fantasie, $45.-

37. Cindy English, Rabbits, $450.-

38. Fred Chilton, SOLD

39. Nancy Mimoso, Laundry Day, SOLD

40. Bill Denham, Nude in Pencil, $85.-

41. Marilyn Hensen, Bird & Nest on Board, $150.-

42. Nancy Mimoso, Large Floral, $250.-

43. Laura Weathersbee, Collage, $150.-

45. Nancy Mimoso, Bridge, $150.-

46. Nancy Mimoso, Survival, $125.-

47. Nancy Mimoso, Retirement, $125.-

48. Nancy Mimoso, Casita, $150.-

49. Nancy Mimoso, Sunflowers, $75.-


Q & A

May the following Q & A be helpful to you:


A:  An Estate Sale usually takes place in a residential home, and is a professionally organized liquidation sale of all your household items, including Estate automobiles, boats, and other motorized items.


A:  Estate Sales are useful before a wedding or after a divorce; or as per request by executors of an estate seeking to liquidate a parent's household; or, by seniors planning to move to a retirement home or assisted living home; and, out-of-state or instate relatives wanting to liquidate the household contents of their deceased family member(s).  

        In fact, anyone who wishes to downsize one’s home's contents.  In all cases, our comprehensive estate or household liquidation sales services will help ease the transition for everyone as well as making it possible to convert household items into available funds. 

       Our service is often requested by Real Estate Brokers for several positive reasons: i.e., many people will see the house during the Estate Sale.  Also, we help ready the house after the Sale by swiftly clearing the interiors and leaving them broom-swept clean.


A:  We can sell virtually any personal property that is legal and safe to be sold.  You name it.  We ask that you not throw out or donate anything before you have first consulted with us.  We have found that valuable things are either donated or discarded by the owners without the knowledge about how much these items could be worth.


A:  To prepare and conduct your sale, we start working in the home for five or more days before the sale days, depending on the amount of pre-sale setup and pricing preparations to be done.  Care is taken with every item. To properly display your items, we provide and set up portable shelving, tables and lockable showcases (for small valuables such as jewelry) to be used when necessary.   

       Our service is commission-based.  That is, for our service we earn a percentage of the items sold.  We quote the commission percentage by estimating the aggregate value of the personal property contents of the Estate.  

      We have been steadily serving the Las Cruces & Mesilla Valley areas for sixteen (16) years, providing extensive experience in the Estate Sale business, as well as our knowledge of what the local market will bear. Our expertise, attention to detail, consideration and care to assure top value for your valuables and other residential contents makes our Estate Sale services a very viable option. 

       During the sale, we assist customers with questions, payments, and the packing of purchased items.  To make the event of your Sale public, we customize the publicity for your sale by conducting all necessary Social Media advertising and Announcements; by placing Newspaper Advertisements, Mailings and eMail notifications to select target markets, including our repeat customers.  We also place our distinctive street signs to facilitate the mapping of the location.  After completion of the sale, an accurate accounting of all sales, including the rendering of register pages, is provided to you/the Client along with the proceeds of the sale.


A:  Over the course of the sale days, we can usually liquidate 89-97% of the items and what remains can be disposed of at your discretion.  We will gladly organize for you the donation to charities of your choice and provide you with the donation receipt(s).


A:  To properly assess the viability of an Estate Sale for you, we need to see the estate items and consult with you.  This consultation is free and a desirable way to proceed.  

           To schedule your free pre-sale consultation, please call me, Daniele Bernard, MBA, CAGA, Rep., Las Cruces Estate Sales, Inc., at (575) 993-3426


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